house party
It seems to me that I got here mostly through the weakest links in my circle of friends and acquaintances. The people who are not my closest friends or relatives. I’d like to share the idea of how people who we barely know, can really influence our choices in life. And I’d like to do this in the context of 3 stories.
plane cockpit pilot officer engineer
Most airplane accidents take place during takeoff and landing. I’ve also heard that accidents occur more often because of pilot errors and less so because of mechanical problems. Why do pilots make errors? According to Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Outliers, a large number of plane crashes happen because of miscommunication and language issues.
underground bar andorra
I’ve often wondered if we run into people by accident, or by design, and if we fully recognize the meaning of those encounters. I’ve thought about coincidences since I was in high school. But it wasn’t until recently, that I had a good story to use in my speech that clearly illustrates the power of coincidences and what some people can make of them.
caye caulker belize beach
They say people are a product of their experiences. And I think countries are products of their geographies. Today’s speech is about the country of Belize in Central America. About the effects of the coral reef, the pirates’ heritage and the English language on the local culture and economy.
roatan island honduras central america
This speech tells a few stories - the Garifunas, the Maya and the way English replaced Spanish in some parts of Honduras. It also provides the historical perspective of why and how it happened. The speech draws on personal travel experiences from Roatan island in the Eastern part of Honduras to Copan Ruinas in the wester part of the country. screenshot image paid search idea
This speech shares some of the moments from Google's early days - how they started, who gave them their initial capital, how much capital they ended up raising and who gave them the idea to monetize their business. It also mentions when it all happens in chronological order. Much of the information is from John Batelle's book, The Search, which is an excellent source of well researched data.
cyrillic and other european scripts 2008
How did the Cyrillic alphabet come about? Who created it, when, where and most importantly - why? Why would they ever need to create an alphabet? And if they really needed one, how did you use to talk before that? What did they use for words? This story sheds some light on these questions, focusing on what happened in present day Bulgaria leading to the creation of the Cyrilic alphabet.
yellow porsche in autoshow stereotype image
What exactly does stereotyping mean? And why do people stereotype? If we know stereotyping is not always true and accurate, why do we continue to do it? What can we learn from others who have researched this topic and what can we do to control our tendency to stereotype?
annaber sugar mill in st john usvi
The US Virgin islands is a US territory just a couple of hours flight south of Miami. It is beautiful resort, ideal for both young couples and families. It consists of 3 main islands - St Thomas, St Croix and St John. This speech shares some of the history before those 3 islands became US territory and what happened there in the past.
virgin oceanic necker nymph
Richard branson's life is a full spectactle of ambition, passion and worthwhile accomplishements packed in one person's lifetime. From his untraditional childhood, to thriving businesses and memorable experiences, his life this life is worth talking about in great detail. Branson's bio, character and enviable lifestyle made this a natural pick for the Toastmaster's the Speaking to Inform manual.
virgin oceanic necker nymph
Why are some people more successful than others? Is it their IQ or is it their ability to get other people to do what they want, a skill he calls Practical Intelligence. In a fascinating story from his book, The Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell looks at two individuals who were incredibly smart and yet, had very different success in life.
march of the penguins baby penguin
The emperor penguins travel 70 miles each winter in the harshest weather conditions to meet other penguins and to mate. Their journey is long, slow and dangerous. They walk and stumble, slide and shuffle along the thick ice of Antarctica when temperatures are 80F degrees below zero. But why?

Welcome to my collection of 5-7 minute speeches I've given at my local public speaking club, called Wry Toastmasters in Bellevue WA. Toastmasters is an International organization dedicated to helping people become better public speakers and communicators. Toastmasters uses a simple, self-paced, yet demanding system of different speech manuals, aimed at improving presentation and public speaking skills. On my site you can find, read and see some of the speeches I've prepared and delivered at one such Toastmasters club.